First on the planet: Clickwalk has delivered the world's first city-wide, street-level visual reality, based on real cities, since 1999.

Seeing is believing. Perception is reality. Image is everything.

Clickwalk-cities in Norway

Oslo Oslo - 645
Larvik Larvik - 215
Stavanger Stavanger - 180
Bergen Bergen - 83
Drammen Drammen - 72
Sandefjord Sandefjord - 49
Hamar Hamar - 37
Tønsberg Tønsberg - 29
Langesund Langesund - 24
Trondheim Trondheim - 20
Sarpsborg Sarpsborg - 18                    

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Clickwalk is eleven years old, and many competitors have appeared during the last few years. We started out ten years ahead of them all, so the Clickwalk you can walk around in on these pages is old in terms of technology, but it is also a piece of Norwegian history. Virtually all of the photos seen here were recorded in the period 1998-2000. We hope you will enjoy Clickwalk.

What Clickwalk is:

Choose a city and start Clickwalk

Click on a city in the list on the left. The numbers indicate how many panoramas you can wander around in for each city

Instructions for use are also found in the main menu near the top of every page (menu item "Help").

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Some numbers

Clickwalk Norway has 1.372 different viewing points, and in each viewing point there is a complete panorama. In each viewing point there are 8 pictures in 4 formats, of which the largest is 767x511 pixels. Therefore, there are 43.904 different image files and 10.976 different images.

Oslo is the largest with 645 viewing points. The other cities are so far much smaller.

These are modest numbers today, but in 1999 it was an impressive collection of geographically linked images on the web. Read about the next step here.

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